June 24

Counter Strike: Source

We’re all long time players of Counter-Strike and we even owned one of the largest CS 1.6 gaming server communities for quite some time. Of course, all this “back in the day”. We still have a couple of servers up and running that we use to test plugins and maps for other communities. We are no longer a gaming operation and just do this for the fun.

If you are interested in helping keep the server running free of hackers or need to report an issue with the server, please drop an e-mail to gaming@crackhoe.com. If you need to report a hacker, please head to our SourceBans page and make a report.

Server #1 is a Crackhouse Deathmatch Server. Go play!

There is also a new iBots / Adaptive Bots server that we are playing around with. Go play on that one too! 

If you’re looking for a clan, we’re not your people. Check out the awesome folks over at HellsGamers. They have a huge selection of Counter-Strike:Source, Counter-Strike:GO, TF2 and Garry’s Mod servers. Go play!

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